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Should you not receive your order with in the estimated time of arrival. Please contacto We will provide you with tracking number.

Taxes are included in the final price.  Ecuadorian goods have a 6.8% U.S. import fee.

Damaged Goods

GREENROSE – SNAP GREENROSE products are shipped with 100% quality guarantee.  Product complains must be made within 24 hours of receiving the order.  It must include pictures, and the bunch bar code.  Approved claims will be reimbursed with a credit note and will be reflected on your next invoice.  We are not responsible for damages due to weather conditions.

Quality claims must be sent to:

Additional pictures may be required to help us talk with the Cargo Agency, in order to identify the nature of the quality problem.

Please see chart below for UPS flight schedule. This will help you calculate your delivery date. You can also change your order delivery date with our Scheduled Delivery option.

The following transit delivery is programed by UPS. Their flights schedules and availability are subject to seasonal and unforeseeable changes.

SNAP GREENROSE strives to deliver your product on time. Delays due to flights and natural complications cannot be anticipated.

Although we offer 5 day direct delivery, we suggest you place your orders 6 days before your SHIPMENT DAY.


Orders must be made a minimum of 6 days prior to the delivery day.
Deliveries are not made on Saturdays or Sundays.
Please note that schedules are subject to change do to holidays and unexpected weather conditions.

Our farms are located in the town of Cayambe, in the highlands at the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains.

Remove the outside guard petals.  Cut 1 inch off the stems at an angle.  The angle cut makes it easier for the rose to absorb the water.  Strip excess foliage off the steams that will fall below the water level.  Re-cut steams and change the water every 3 days, for the longest life.  Also, keep your roses away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.